Monday, September 24, 2012

Up for the Challenge

In my attempt to return to more frequent blogging, I decided to take on The SITS Girls' Fall Back Into Blogging! Challenge. I thought this would be a great way to do that. I decided to skip my 3-mile run tonight and asked my husband so I could have at least 30 minutes to write a blog post.

So, the Day 1 Challenge is to share a story about your greatest school memory and include pictures. (And boy, do I have a picture for you!) My husband would quickly attest to the fact that I am a strong-willed and highly independent person...almost to a fault. I am the wife who does not let her husband fix her breakfast and bring it to her in bed. No sir! Strange, right?! I am also the wife, who upon arriving home a few days after giving birth to her first child, would not let her husband fix her meals, help her in/out of bed, nor bathe. No sir! "I can do it myself," I would say. Ugh, those gray hairs he has are probably my doing, I am certain. ;)

Well, my road to being Ms. Independent started in preschool. My mom was the one who often fed us breakfast, got us dressed, and brushed our hair before sending us off to school. I have three other siblings. I am the second child, one of two daughters. I have two brothers, one older and one younger. I clearly remember awaking one day and telling my mom that I wanted to choose my outfit for school, fix my own hair, and choose my own earrings to wear. I remember being pretty adamant about it...almost bratty. (Not that I still am. ;)) So, my mom decided to let me do what I wanted after much frustration. I chose my favorite dress which was a satin-y pale blue dress with a shrug, my favorite plastic earrings, and styled my hair.

Here's the end product. Did I mention it was also school picture day?! Ah, forever in our memory. My husband thinks it's a cute picture, but every time I look at it, I just think of it as the beginnings of a strong-willed and highly independent person. A person, who would later learn that it's ok to let others help you.


Lauren said...

Found your blog through the writing prompt -- wanted to let you know that I LOVE the preschool picture. I was totally that kid, too! Showed up to school looking like Punky Brewster most days.

Carolina Diez said...

Stylish earrings!! Love the pic, and your begginings of 'independence'!
Visiting from SITS fall into blogging.
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