Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lost and Found

I debated for awhile to return to blogging because I thought I didn't have anything to write about. I just enjoy writing. My husband Michael encouraged me to restart it so I could have a place to document my thoughts on parenthood, running and eating.

Some of the major events since my last post?! Chunkin is 22 months old, opinionated, chatty, and independent! Time flies, right? Seems like life spun around much more quickly since then. My oldest is 4 years old and in preschool. She's currently learning how to ride her bike and will soon join me on short runs. :) In regards to my husband Michael, since we've been married, he's come up with different ideas for starting his own business. Today, we are the proud owners of Southern Scrubs, LLC. Check out our website at

And as for me, I'm still enjoying my time as a stay-at-home mom. There have been many challenging days but I haven't missed any precious moments this time around when it comes to the girls. We've crawled, said our first word, tried our first bite of a kale chip, pottied and wiped ourselves ;). So many things...I'm still running too. I'm currently training for a half marathon on November 17. Surprisingly, I'm not enjoying my runs on the treadmill as much I did. I may have to change my blog title someday.

Recently, my sister has picked up running and asked that we occasionally run together. So, each Saturday morning since late August, we've been running 3 miles together in my hilly subdivision. It's nice to have conversation with someone while I run, as well as breathe in fresh air and look at other things besides straight ahead. I also plan to put on my big girl panties and join the local run group. I've got 15 miles scheduled for this Saturday. I told Michael that I just can't run that distance on the treadmill unless I have to.

Another new love of mine?! Beachbody's Turbofire! ("You.are.NOT.TIRED!", screams Chalene in her video.) (I'll share my awesome results and review of this program in a later post.) In the past, I haven't been successful with sticking with fitness DVDs. I've tried Slim in 6, only to give up within the first two weeks. I've also tried Jillian Michaels' DVDs such as Yoga Meltdown, No More Trouble Zones, and 30 Day Shred. I like Jillian's style of training and the DVDs were great, but it was hard to stick with strength training and ensure that I incorporate it into my regular exercise routine. Running took priority as far as my workouts went but I hit a plateau and felt burnt out. I needed to change my exercise routine because I was no longer losing weight and not seeing any changes in my body. The post-baby body was still there. :( At the end of last year, I thought I was stuck, so I sorted through all of my pre-baby clothes and donated them. I figured I needed to be happy at my current weight. Then, I read a review about Turbofire from one of my favorite bloggers, The Fitnessista, and was sold. She reviews Turbofire in one of her Focus On posts.

I also cleaned up my eats. Some of the biggest changes include giving up my love of Coca-Cola, although I may have an occasional Coke Zero. I stopped adding chips to my plate when eating sandwiches AND cutting out sweets. I'll save this topic for another post. :)
 My goal for this blog is to capture all of my precious moments as a stay-at-home mom or SAHM. The clock is ticking and my kids are growing fast. I also want to share my health and fitness successes with the world, celebrity crushes (because don't SAHM stereotypically watch TV all day and eat bonbons?), recipes, and whatever else I feel like sharing.

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