Thursday, October 25, 2012

I've Got a Crush on You

So, I've mentioned my love for Turbofire several times on my blog. Now, let's talk about my celebrity this moment. And yes, I am happily married. I'm free to look, not touch. ;)

When I was a teen, I loved New Kids on the Block and so did my best friend Sharon. We both bought tons of magazines and plastered posters, pictures, and news clippings of them all over our bedroom walls. Imagine this as our wallpaper.


I had the biggest crush on Jordan Knight. Those eyes, that smile...and those DIMPLES. So cute. "I'll be loving you for-EEEH-VUH."

Well, times have changed. And just FYI...I believe Jordan is still single, but I'm no longer interested. ;) Today, I'm more interested in my superhero men Batman and Captain America. Tall, dark, and handsome...coming to rescue me. How can you not develop a crush for guys like that?

And with most of our Sundays devoted to football, my husband introduced me to Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers. Love those eyes and big smile.

But my biggest crush of this man. My husband of 5 years.

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